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Artists >>> CURATE publik encourage innovation, exploration and artistic integrity. Having our diverse expertise and management experience on your team increases your chances of winning large commissions. We are highly passionate about public art, love working with artists and can manage the entire process allowing you to focus on creating your best work.

Local + State Government >>> We work exclusively with high quality emerging and established Australian artists possessing the ‘local knowledge’ to meaningfully contribute to each localities unique sense of ‘place’. CURATE publik understand safety as well as maintenance requirements and possesses the project management experience to smoothly co-ordinate and deliver high quality outcomes.

Architects >>> CURATE publik intuitively understand built form architectural language and context as well as public art’s ability to contribute to engaging public space. We sensitively embed your architectural language into our briefs to generate outcomes which compliment and enhance the surrounding built form rather than detracting from it.

Developers >>> We generate ‘value for money’ outcomes within given budgets and timeframes by managing the entire process using a highly organised and co-ordinated approach. Our outcomes contribute to their context and in doing so add value to property. CURATE publik have experience using public art funding to generate public space infrastructure and encourage this approach.