We curate contemporary public art focused on innovation, exploration and artistic integrity. CURATE publik employ a multi-disciplinary approach combining the expertise of a practicing artist and architect. Our collaborative approach generates mural, sculptural and electronic-media art which meaningfully contributes to its context. We also generate arts strategies and policy to establish a strong supporting framework for the arts.

Public art by definition is the most accessible form of art. It plays a role in shaping our collective creative culture. High quality public art can present new ideas, explore social issues, stimulate discussion, provoke thought, challenge, connect, inspire, intrigue, fascinate and delight. Successful outcomes are multi-faceted and highly engaging.

CURATE publik aim to attract leading contemporary artists back to public art. We work exclusively with emerging as well as established Australian artists and are constantly searching for artists with new approaches. We engage artists early, establish a strategic framework to protect artistic integrity and partner with highly skilled fabricators. CURATE publik creates the space for artists to focus on achieving their best work.

Individually we have been involved in public art for many years from different perspectives. Collectively we possess the expertise to manage the entire procurement process. CURATE publik develop project briefs, assist with scope + budget development, programming, artist selection, contract management, client co-ordination, stakeholder input, concept visualisation, community consultation, documentation, structural input, approvals, fabrication, transportation, installation and decommissioning.